European Commission awards EU Horizon Project Eyes of Things

//European Commission awards EU Horizon Project Eyes of Things

European Commission awards EU Horizon Project Eyes of Things


Most Innovative Project 2019

European Commission awards Eyes of Things as “Most Innovative Project 2019” !

The image analysis software Eyes of Things turns image recognition into an effective tool for education.

As a leading partner in this project, Fluxguide developed a totally new solution for museum experts & museum visitors.

The Museum Audio Tour demonstrator is a new type of Audio Guide for museums, where the headset used for audio information is equipped with the EoT board and a small Camera. The EoT Board runs an image analysis software that has been trained for a specific exhibit and is able to recognize artworks such as paintings while the user is simply passing by.

When the user presses the user button on the EoT headphone the audio playback starts. By pressing the button again, playback is paused.

In the second use case, named EoT Multimedia Museum Guide, the headset communicates with a hand-held companion device (smartphone or tablet). Thus, the user can obtain more multimedia information about the exhibition.

In this scenario, after an image recognition match, the visitor is notified via audio signal on the phones and in the app by the EoT headphone. At this moment, the visitor’s device is provided with rich content, for example, the biography of the artist, other related artworks, etc.

The ECS Most Innovative Award 2019 for Eyes of Things was presented at the EFECS Conference in Helsinki on November 21, 2019. 

EFECS is the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe.

We are very happy about this prize and we are celebrating together with our wonderful Project Partners and Collaboration Partners of Eyes of Things!

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