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Württemberg State Museum

360° Wayfinding

The app of the Württemberg State Museum guides visitors through the Old Palace in Stuttgart as a navigation aid and at the same time offers exciting multimedia content and tours. Navigation within the museum takes place dynamically using 360-degree images and navigation arrows that are superimposed over the screen via augmented reality.

Interactive content

In addition to the multimedia stops, there are numerous interactive elements such as finding mistakes, matching pictures, cross-fades, guessing questions and quizzes. This interactive content allows visitors to change into an active role. An interplay of originals on site, classic video/audio content and interactive elements makes the museum visit a holistic experience.

App features:

  • Navigation aid & digital companion
  • Theme tours: “Highlights”, “Love & Crime”, “Old Castle” & “Speeddating”
  • Multimedia content & interactive elements: Interactive images, 360° panoramas, video & audio features, selfie filter & quiz
  • Multilingual: German, English, offers in German sign language
  • Accessibility: adaptability of font size
  • Visitor information (history of the Old Palace, directions, opening hours, prices)

Free download available:

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