Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ)2021-10-11T15:56:46+02:00

Fluxguide developed a new visitor app for the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ), a documentation, exhibition, research and meeting center for Ludwig Erhard. The new LEZ app holistically bundles a wide variety of functions that turns the museum visit into a successful experience for visitors:

  • A multimedia tour in which Ludwig Erhard, the “father of the social market economy,” himself speaks in original recording, guides visitors through the exhibition along highlight objects.
  • The “Tracking Ludwig Erhard” quiz tour offers visitors a fun way to discover the content of the exhibition.
  • Interactive maps provide for easy navigation and will guide visitors effortlessly through over 1,200 square meters of exhibition space.
  • Visitors receive useful information for their visit (opening hours, prices, directions, etc.)

Free download available:

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