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Theme trails Hainfeld – Outdoor Guiding

For the municipality of Hainfeld we have developed the Themenwege Hainfeld App:

  • Outdoor-Guiding
  • Theme trails are modularly expandable
  • Quiz module – multimedia content and gamification
  • GPS – map view and localization
  • Notifications – the app automatically reports when there is content or tasks to discover

The KlimaWaldWeg tour in the Themenwege Hainfeld App is a digital companion through the Vollberg forest nature trail. The app offers mobile e-learning and interactive quiz tasks related to 10 experience stations. In this way, complex topics on forests, climate and social justice are conveyed in a playful way and knowledge is consolidated. After each task, users receive direct feedback, collect points and virtually plant trees. At the end, they receive a digital climate forest certificate that can be shared with friends.

Further themed trails are planned for the city of Hainfeld.

Free download available.

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