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Municipality Mürzzuschlag

Media guide for multiple museums in one app – Special feature: Escapegame

For the municipality of Mürzzuschlag we developed the Mürzapp, which connects two museums:
the WinterSportMuseum and the SÜDBAHN Museum.

  • Multiple locations in one app (flexibly expandable)
  • Multimedia guiding with numpad and list view
  • Guided theme tours (stop-by-stop tours with wayfinding)
  • Guided quiz tours (estimation task, spot-the-difference puzzle, drawing patterns,…)
  • Exhibition areas (exploration)
  • Special feature: Escapegame
  • Easy reading
  • Information about the museums

Special Feature: Escapegame

A special highlight of the app is the Time Traveller Tour, which is based on an Escape Room Game. This means that visitors collect a code by solving various tasks in the app. Only with this code can the tour be successfully completed at the end.

Content types: Error finding & cloze text

Diverse mediation thrives on a varietey of content types. In addition to estimation tasks, single-choice and multiple-choice quizzes, the Mürzapp also offers the formats “error detection” and “cloze”.

The SÜDBAHN Museum

The municipality of Mürzzuschlag is one of the oldest railroad towns in Austria and is home to the SÜDBAHN Museum. Two former locomotive halls house an exhibition on the Vienna-Trieste Southern Railway and Austria’s largest collection of trolley and motorized railway cars.

The WinterSportMuseum

In order to honor the skiing history of Mürzzuschlag, the local council decided in 1947 to establish the WinterSportMuseum, which today has one of the largest and most important collections in the field of skiing and winter sports history in the world.

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