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Museum Reinhard Ernst

Concept for: Digital Creative Room & Mobile Apps


The new museum Reinhard Ernst (opening planned: 2021) wants to become an open museum for abstract art. The Reinhard Ernst Collection focusses on contemporary artists from Europe, Japan and the USA. Additional temporary exhibition are planned. Fluxguide designed a comprehensive concept for both digital mobile visitor experiences as well as digital stationary visitor experiences.

Mobile visitor guide

Firstly, the mre explorer will be a mobile companion through the exhibition. It can be used selectively as a “personal curator“, giving the visitor hints, tips and interpretation support.

Playful mediation for young target groups

Furthermore, a contemporary, multimedia and interactive offer was created for children and adolescents as well as for school classes. Finally, with the planning of a creative space for children in the Museum Reinhard Ernst, we are creating a new level of approach to abstract art. The core task of the creative room for children is playful-sensual discovery, interactivity and hands-on. Possible topics, statements or objects of the exhibition also become “phenomena”, which can be experienced in the interaction between the medium used and children.

Become active, awaken creativity

Playful, interactive on-screen applications encourage children to engage in dialogue with a screen. The focus is on seeing, perceiving and understanding objects. Games and experiments promote the self-control of the learning process. The various digital offers arouse enthusiasm among children for the supposedly complex or inaccessible topic of abstract art.

mre, Wiesbaden (Opening in 2021)

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