App for the Jewish Community Graz

//App for the Jewish Community Graz

App for the Jewish Community Graz


Fighting anti-Semitism with education and information: In our project with the Jewish Community of Graz, we are developing an app for students that aims to break down possible prejudices and barriers through a playful learning experience. The app Jewish Guide – Graz is embedded in a comprehensive initiative of the city of Graz against anti-Semitism.
What to expect:

  • Preparation for School Class Visit to the Graz Synagogue & Distance Learning
  • Exciting quiz and background knowledge for different age groups
  • Diploma and social share
  • App on site: apply learned knowledge in the Graz Synagogue
  • Interactive map with POIs of Jewish history incl. list view, filter and search function
  • Symbol scanner

Preparation for the visit & Distance Learning

The Golem from Graz guides you through the individual learning units and motivates you to immerse yourself in Jewish culture. The app can be easily played from home and can also be used for Distance Learning in the classroom. The selection of different age groups enables differentiated access and levels of difficulty.

Knowledge of Judaism brought to life

From everyday objects to religious holidays, from Jewish cemeteries to historical monuments, Jewish culture can be explored vividly. As an additional motivation and positive reinforcement, a diploma awaits the students at the end of the Challenge, which they can share with parents, teachers and friends.

Digital mediation in the synagogue – the learning experience continues on site

After a guided tour of the Graz Synagogue, students can explore the exhibition space themselves using the app. Learning tasks and additional content on objects in and around the Graz Synagogue are unlocked through patterns. In this way, the knowledge acquired so far can be tested. As an additional playful incentive, scrolls can be collected; at the end, a surprise code is given and the treasure chest can be opened.

Add-on: Interactive Map (Jewish History Styria)

Places of Jewish history, which can be found all over Styria, can be discovered via an interactive map. Points of Interests (POI) can be selected and explored on the interactive map. Search and filter functions of the map facilitate the search. Behind each POI on the map are stories about Jewish personalities and events in Jewish culture. Some exclusive content can only be unlocked on site. The smartphone’s Maps function can be used to show the fastest way to the POI.

Add-on: Symbol scanner
Another planned feature is a symbol scanner with which information about Jewish symbols can be called up in a user-friendly way. We will keep you up to date.

Free download available:

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