Digital innovation workshop at Deutsches Museum

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Digital innovation workshop at Deutsches Museum

2020-04-27T16:47:13+02:00Behind the Scenes, Workshops|

Good and effective planning is essential.

Specifying a holistic digital media concept is a central component of successful exhibition and museum design. To help conquer this challenge, Fluxguide has created a unique workshop format.

February 2020,

Creative innovation workshop on the topic of digitalisation with the curators of Deutsches Museum:

Curators and Art Educators from Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany, met up with Fluxguide for a two-day workshop at the museum. Discussing technological possibilities and what added value they may help provide, we engaged with different storytelling formats, collected ideas and formulated visions for new museum experiences.

A big thank you to all participants for their enthusiastic attitude, the animated collaboration and the many ideas they came up with!

You are interested in this workshop format? The workshop Digital museum communication – from the idea to the realization is part of Fluxguide’s portfolio.

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