Next Click Nirvana – Start for Learning Platform on Buddhism

///Next Click Nirvana – Start for Learning Platform on Buddhism

Next Click Nirvana – Start for Learning Platform on Buddhism

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Who was Buddha? What did he teach? What do rituals look like in a Buddhist‘s everyday life?

For the Museum Rietberg Zurich, Fluxguide develops a new learning platform on Buddhism which will enable users to immerse themselves in the fascinating and multifaceted world of this religion.

Go Live in December 2020

The Museum Rietberg thus continues its path after the successful exhibition “Next Stop Nirvana – Approaches to Buddhism” (13.12.2018 – 31.03.2019) as part of the art education project “Seeing Art – Understanding Religion”.

Offers by learning platform:

  • Wander through a gallery of the main works of Buddhist art: works of art from India, China, Japan, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia tell of the beginnings of Buddhism in India and its spread to today’s Switzerland.
  • Embark on your personal learning journey: 8 subject areas are presented in interactive learning units, with multimedia information and a mix of learning tasks. Your progress will be rewarded.
  • Collect your personal highlights in pictures, text, audio or video: What inspires you, what is important to you in your engagement with Buddhism?
  • Create your own mental board and put all the highlights there. You can then print it out.
  • All important terms, topics in a Buddhism ABC combined: Selected experts and practicing Buddhists introduce various concepts of Buddhism and explain terms such as nirvana, karma and compassion. On site in the museum: discover the 8 main works and get to know them from different perspectives.
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