R&D project with the Technical University of Munich

//R&D project with the Technical University of Munich

R&D project with the Technical University of Munich


For a current research project at the Chair of Formal and Informal Learning at the TU Munich, we are designing and implementing an app for a study in the Munich Verkehrszentrum. By using the app, research data can be collected and prepared for statistical evaluation in a user-friendly way.

Learning at the museum

Museums are places of knowledge transfer and learning, but how exactly does this learning process work? In the current research project with the Technical University of Munich, an app is being used to investigate the self-directed learning process of students at a museum.

Study at the Munich Verkehrszentrum

During their visit to the exhibition at the Verkehrszentrum, students receive different types of learning prompts about selected exhibits – so-called “instructional prompts” – via an app. These “prompts” are automated text messages that are intended to activate the young museum visitors with different learning stimuli.

The aim of the DFG-funded project is to compare different “prompts” to investigate how students can be encouraged to engage more intensively and actively with the exhibits during self-directed learning in a science and technology museum.

We are looking forward to the joint project!

More information about the research project.

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