3D Sound experience “Alone in the Louvre”

///3D Sound experience “Alone in the Louvre”

3D Sound experience “Alone in the Louvre”

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The Museum Louvre gets under your skin and leaves a tingle in your ear:

In collaboration with the French Youtube star Florian Boullot (“Paris ASMR”), the Louvre-Team created a Youtube hit „Seul dans le Louvre” – a visual and acoustic walk in the museum. Boullot walks alone through the Louvre with his thoughts and associative sounds in 3D sound format.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) describes the pleasant sensation (tingling, chills) that one feels especially after a hearing stimulus. Many creators have turned it into a specialty through videos of relaxation. First and foremost Florian Boullot.

The English version “Alone in the Louvre”, is spoken by the British video artist Emma Smith.

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