Paris Museums put Artworks Online, Copyright-Free

///Paris Museums put Artworks Online, Copyright-Free

Paris Museums put Artworks Online, Copyright-Free

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Paris Musées, a consortium of 14 different museums and art galleries in the French capital,  now offers digital reproductions of its artworks for free. The Open Access form of the online collections portal makes digital downloads possible for everyone, without any restrictions,


High Definition Digital Images

According to Paris Musées, all downloads will include a high definition digital version of the artwork chosen that offers a resolution of no fewer than 300 dots per inch (DPI). In addition to the digital image, users will also automatically receive a document in their download which gives information about the chosen artwork as well as a guide about how to make use of the picture as well as rules about properly citing the source of the image.


Creative Commons Zero Licence

All of the images in the project can be used or reused without any technical, legal or other types of constraint. Interestingly, this decision does not distinguish between the personal or commercial uses of the downloaded imagery. In other words, the digital files will belong in the public domain freely, under what is known as a creative commons zero licence. Importantly, however, some images that remain in copyright will not operate under such a licensing arrangement. It will be possible for the public to download these, too, but only in a low definition format.

Paris Musées Online Collection:

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