Digital Visitor Experiences: Concept, Plan, Implementation

///Digital Visitor Experiences: Concept, Plan, Implementation

Digital Visitor Experiences: Concept, Plan, Implementation


Digital is key to successful exhibition projects and visitor venues.

Fluxguide works on the digital transformation of the museum space, both in international industry projects as well as in Research & Development.

We support exhibition Designers to create meaningful and high-end exhibitions, concepts, scenography, and visitor experiences. In our Innovation-Workshops we create new ideas based on our international experience and state-of-the-art technology. We also support with time- and budget-planning as well as preparing CfPs.


Get to know the topics of our innovation workshops: 

The list of possibilities to design attractive and participatory museum experiences is long. What applications make sense and are sustainable? Which target groups can be reached?

How can we turn digital museum collections into accessible mobile experiences?

New learning for school visits at the museum, including micro-content and gamification tools.

How can we connect the museum experience to visitors’ everyday life? How do we reach non-visitors?

How do we integrate public space? How can we connect exhibition content to outdoor experiences ?

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