Workshop Augmented Reality in Art Education

///Workshop Augmented Reality in Art Education

Workshop Augmented Reality in Art Education


Thank your for this most interesting event! – Elke Schneider, mfk Nuremberg

Let us define the role of Augmented Reality in museum education!

We have been thinking about this during our two-year R & D project “HoloMuse – Museum Education by AR / VR”. For a closing event on October 21, we invited international museum experts to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, and jointly tested an AR experience around the painting “Children’s Games” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Active navigation and iconographic annotation using AR was piloted directly on the original exhibit. The AR experience was rated as positive, likable and enjoyable. On the other hand, the interviewees did not always find the AR experience comprehensible. Still, a creative product that is easy to learn and also largely efficient, it has mostly been considered valuable. However, it must be considered how the AR experience can be even more exciting and even more innovative.

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