DONUTS – DOs and NUTs of AR in the museum

///DONUTS – DOs and NUTs of AR in the museum

DONUTS – DOs and NUTs of AR in the museum

2019-10-29T15:30:20+01:00Oktober 29th, 2019|FLUXtalk|

Auf was müssen wir achten, wenn wir Augmented Reality im Museum einsetzen? Markus & André von Fluxguide plaudern aus dem Nähkästchen und erzählen von ihren Erfahrungen aus AR-Projekten im Museums-Umfeld, ziehen Schlüsse und beleuchten Chancen wie Risiken. Am 27.11.2019 auf dem meetUX Workshop “Digitally Enhanced Museum Experience” an der FH St. Pölten!

Um 11.20h am 27.11. geht´s los:

André Seirafi & Markus Passecker

DONUTS – DOs and NUTs of AR in the museum

Augmented Reality (AR) is currently a hyped topic inside and beyond the museum world, as this technology offers unprecedented new possibilities for inspiring visitor experiences, cultural and science learning as well as for curating and designing exhibitions. But what are the affordances, strengths and weaknesses of AR in relation to other forms of digital mediation and cultural learning? What role can AR play in the media mix of a digital museum infrastructure? What are the novel possibilities for storytelling, co-creative knowledge generation and experiences the medium opens up?

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