We are fluxguide

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, technology experts and creative minds. Our work is based on over ten years of international experience, state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of the intersection between culture & digital.

Digital visitor experiences worldwide

We’ve been creating digital visitor experiences around the world for over 10 years – from the St. Gallen Museum of Nature in Switzerland to the Kennedy Space Center in the US. We create unique knowledge transfer for users that is meaningful and exciting.

We are good listeners

Communication is important to us – we develop individual solutions together with our customers. But: We create digital visitor experiences for users and not for customers.

We love to explore

Thanks to our cooperation with universities and companies in international research projects, we are always at the cutting edge with innovative technologies and concepts.

Holomuse research project with AR and VR in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
AR research project Holomuse in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

We bring knowledge to life



André Seirafi

founder & business development

Kasra Seirafi

head of projects

Anna Konrath

head of digital concepts

Linnéa Richter

head of finance & backoffice

Julia Weiermair

Head of Development

Darko Antic

project management & UI/UX design

David Ando

project management & creative concepts

Carina Doppler

project management & creative concepts

Linda Reiter

project management & creative concepts

Patrick Seirafi

software development & UI/UX design

Paulina Biszta

software development & UI/UX design

Isabella Kapf

Software Development & UI/UX Design

Daniel Kauer

XR development & UI/UX design

Gabriel von Münchow

XR development & UI/UX design

Markus Passecker

software development & UI/UX design

Sandra Schneider

software development & UI/UX design

Nataliya Schwarzauger

project management & UI/UX design

Paul Sommersguter

project management & creative concepts

Jana Walter

Marketing Assistence & Backoffice

Eva Becker

fluxguide Story

The fluxguide story begins with two brothers: Equipped with the promising project idea to develop a mobile application as a museum guide and thus drive the digital transformation in the cultural sector, André and Kasra Seirafi win the seed financing competition 2010. With the prize money, a first fluxguide prototype can be built and tested at cultural events.

The positive response and approval motivate Kasra and André to take the next step. In 2011, the two founded fluxguide. They quickly realized that the potential of the initial project could also be put to good use in other areas such as smart cities, tourism and research. What began in Vienna as an audio guide 2.0 for museums developed into a variety of solutions for digital visitor experiences and interactive knowledge transfer on an international level.

Kasra & André Seirafi

After more than 10 years and over 100 successfully implemented projects, fluxguide has grown up and now has 17 employees in the core team. In order to better support museums and cultural institutions with bundled software know-how, fluxguide joined the Culture Software Group (CSG) in 2021.

With CSG, fluxguide and zetcom – the market-leading software provider in the field of collection management – are creating the central hub for digital solutions in the cultural sector. The goal of CSG is to unite expertise, bring together the world’s leading museum service providers, and implement innovative high-end solutions for cultural institutions.

Photos: Ines Bacher | https://www.inesbacher.com/