For the Youth Welfare Office in Soest, Germany, we developed an app that provides young parents with all the information they need about visits to the authorities, children’s health, and family life. The app is a reliable companion from pregnancy to the first years of life, with a personal profile, automatic recommendations based on the child’s date of birth, a parenting diploma, and a diary.

Public authority consultation for parents: digitally enhanced

Thanks to the app, all information about becoming and being a parent is now available digitally. Previously, the information was distributed in analog form in the form of flyers and folders. The app allows parents to customize the information to their needs. For the youth welfare office, on the other hand, it is easy to keep all content up to date. For the authority, the app therefore represents a comprehensive digital expansion of its advisory services.

Personal profile & automated recommendations

A profile can be created in the app for all children with their birthday and location. The app then automatically compiles all important medical appointments and recommends doctors in the region. There are also letters for parents with the next stages of development to coincide with the date of birth. This allows parents to see all important appointments and information for their child’s healthcare at a glance.

Thanks to a diary function, parents can also document all important moments.

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Digital Education

The Parenting Diploma is a fun way for parents to test their knowledge. It is an interactive learning opportunity that builds confidence and understanding of key parenting issues, such as baby equipment for the first time or how to navigate the bureaucratic jungle.

App screen

All app features at a glance:

  • Specialised information prepared for easy mobile use
  • Personal profile and personalized alerts and information based on the child’s age and location
  • Automatic compilation of all important medical appointments and recommendations for doctors in the area
  • Administrative procedures made easy: navigation through the bureaucratic jungle
  • Digital education program with parent diploma
  • Calendar with push notifications for all important appointments, such as doctor’s visits or vaccinations
  • Diary function to record the most important moments