Schloesserland Sachsen2022-10-25T16:07:19+02:00

Digital tourism – travel planning app for the Schloesserland Sachsen

Schloesserland Sachsen is an association of over 50 castles, palaces, gardens, monasteries and castle hotels. We have developed a hub app with a data-based trip planning engine for all adventure locations in the Schloesserland:

  • Maps & list view for overview
  • Intelligent recommendation engine & personalized trip planning
  • AR Avatars & Dialogic Storytelling
  • Quiz & Multimedia Content

Personalized recommendations

By voluntarily requesting travel details (length of stay, means of transportation, region,…), users can be provided with personalized suggestions for trip planning.

Collect favorites

Users can mark places and experiences as favorites in the app to save them for their trip. The collected favorites can then be displayed in a map or list view.

Intelligent Recommendation Engine

The app displays personalized recommendations to users. These suggestions are influenced by information provided during onboarding or, if desired, at a later point in time.

Free download available.

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