The app Amigra uses the public space as museum and turns Augsburg’s migration and urban history into a digital visitor experience with more than 40 different stations (points of interest).

  • Interactive map
  • POIs & rich content (texts, videos, audios, maps, images, photographs, floor plans,…)
  • Migration history & city history

Special feature

Users can follow the migration paths of selected persons on a globe.

The app is implemented as part of the EU-funded project “The Inclusive We in Augsburg” (DIWA) and is managed by the Staatliche Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim) in cooperation with Jüdisches Kulturmuseum Augsburg-SchwabenKunstsammlungen und Museen AugsburgTür an Tür – Integrationsprojekte gGmbH and the Office for Social Integration/City of Augsburg.