Via Virtulleum the city history of Tulln is conveyed in different ways: analogue using historical objects and digital via app. Objects from the city museum are linked to places in the city of Tulln (GPS-oriented navigation). Use of gamification elements for the transmission of historical content (quiz, mini-game, augmented reality). 3D reconstructions of the Roman camps may be discovered in 360 ° images and time panoramas. Hot spots provide additional information.

  • Videos & Panorama Images
  • Augmented Reality & 3D Reconstructions
  • Quiz
  • Interviews

Visitors can actively enter a station via the Virtuelleum app if they are currently on the move in Tulln. Or they can playfully let the roll of the dice decide. The dice stands for the idea of chance and retells the inspiring history of Tulln in a new way: by means of 30 selected locations as well as 30 objects from 5 historical epochs, for example by means of a Roman mason’s trowel or an early medieval garment clasp.

The Virtulleum was supported by the province of Lower Austria, the Lower Austrian Urban Renewal and the European Union (LEADER).