Together with well-known and unknown, small and large Stuttgart citizens, users go on a video tour through the exhibition. All the narrators have selected their favorite objects and talk about their own personal Stuttgart. The app brings museum objects into the city and makes their places of origin explorable.

Interactive mediaguide for the museum with city exploration tour

  • Different views/tours possible: Celebrities present “their” Stuttgart with a video tour.
  • Possibility to bookmark outdoor points of interest (add to favorites). User gets push notification when they are near the bookmarked POI.
  • After opening the app, users get a short explanation of how the guide works.
  • Current events pop up as info bubbles when the app is loaded.
  • Map with GPS function
Foto: Saeed Kakavand

Playfull mediation

  • Stuttgart Forscher kids game: Kids develop the content of their tour video messages themselves.
  • Interactive knowledge quiz for kids with simple games and a reward puzzle screen. (Each task solved earns a piece of the puzzle.
  • Final diploma with social media share function.