We have developed a new visitor app for the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ), a documentation, exhibition, research and meeting center for Ludwig Erhard. The new LEZ app bundles a wide range of functions that make a visit to the museum a unique experience for visitors.

  • A multimedia tour in which Ludwig Erhard, the “father of the social market economy” himself speaks in original tones, guides visitors through the exhibition using highlight objects
  • The “Ludwig Erhard on the Trail” quiz tour offers visitors a fun way to discover the content of the exhibition.
  • Interactive maps ensure that visitors can keep track of everything on the 1,200 square meters of exhibition space.
  • Visitors receive useful information about their visit (opening hours, prices, directions and more).

Discover contemporary history and experience the social market economy

The LEZ app accompanies visitors on their tour over an area of around 1,200 square meters.
A guided multimedia tour takes visitors on a closer look at the life and political work of Ludwig Erhard, the “father of the social market economy”. Visitors learn why Erhard did not become a textile merchant after all, but an economic expert, and how the economic miracle was able to take off after the Second World War. During the tour, Ludwig Erhard himself even speaks in original tones.

Copyright Doris Adrian

Interactive learning experience

There are different types of museum visitors: For visitors who prefer to discover content in a playfull way, the quiz tour is the perfect educational tool. Visitors can experience the exhibition interactively through a quiz tour. Here, they have to answer questions, guess and collect points in order to crack the high score at the final diploma.


The LEZ consists of several buildings, Erhard’s birthplace, the so-called learning supermarket and a new building. To help visitors maintain an overview and find their way around easily, interactive maps facilitate navigation and guide visitors to the highlights of the exhibition as well as to all other points relevant to their visit to the museum.