The museum app Virtual van de Velde turns the visit into an interactive learning experience by means of AR and gamification: Talking ancestral gallery, AR search & puzzle game and placement of 3D objects in the room. Using avatar based storytelling, the history of the villa can be experienced from different perspectives.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Quiz tour & multilayer reward system
  • Avatar-based storytelling & interactive visitor experience
  • Multiplayer mode/school class mode
  • Multimedia guide: audios, videos, pictures and reading material about the exhibition (also offline available)
  • Opening hours, directions, service information
  • Accessibility: adjust font size and contrast

AR experience: The skylight of the villa falls apart into different parts that are scattered around the room. Once all the parts have been found, they have to be put together correctly.

AR Game – Einstürzendes Oberlicht

AR game on Munch paintings: The right pictures have to be selected and positioned correctly in the room. Striking furniture & ornaments are used as AR markers. This eliminates the need to apply additional QR codes and preserves the aesthetics of the room.

AR Game – Gemälde platzieren

The project was funded by the “dive in” digital interaction program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.