Our outdoor multimedia app turns any location into an interactive experience that brings history, nature, and culture to life. With tours, exciting gamification elements, and immersive AR experiences, we provide a platform that transforms your outdoor or tourism destination into an attraction. Whether you want to increase visitor engagement, create unique digital experiences, or showcase the beauty of your area in a new way, the outdoor multimedia app is your solution.

What makes the Outdoor Multimedia App unique?

Interactive maps and wayfinding: Visitors can easily navigate, find points of interest, and access information about trails, exhibitions, and amenities. Whether in national parks or tourist attractions in your local area, the app guides users safely and informativly.

Rich multimedia content: Bring your natural and cultural history to life through rich, multimedia content that educates and entertains your visitors. Add detailed information, pictures, and videos of attractions and points along the way. Our user-friendly CMS makes it easy to maintain and update content.

Gamification and scavenger hunts: Education can be fun! Encourage exploration and engagement with interactive features like scavenger hunts, quiz challenges, and rewards.

Augmented reality experiences: Through the window of your smartphone, historical events come to life, flora and fauna become tangible and the secrets of the landscape are revealed.

Inclusion through accessibility: We believe that nature should be accessible to everyone. The app is designed to be accessible so that people with disabilities can enjoy the full experience.

Visitor analytics: Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, preferences, and pain points to inform your decision-making with real-time analytics.

Customizable branding: Create a guide that suits you! Seamlessly integrate the app with your organization’s branding and other online resources.

Who is the app for?

Ideal for municipalities, nature parks, tourism organizations, and anyone who wants to enrich their visitors’ outdoor experience. Whether you want to tell the story of your location, guide visitors through themed tours, or offer fun learning through quizzes, the fluxguide outdoor multimedia app makes it possible.

Ready to revolutionize your outdoor experiences?

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Very well done and intuitive. Makes you want to visit the national park.

App nature park Hunsrück Hochwald (Germany)

An impressive experience! The app greatly enhances a visit to the archaeological park, as the 3D animations make it easier to imagine what it looked like in the past.

App Archeological Park Cambodunum Kempten (Germany)

The children use their smartphones to explore nature. They are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collect points, which motivates them.

App nature park Frankenhöhe (Germany)

Ich fand diese App in meinem Urlaub sehr hilfreich. Auch die verschiedenen Spiele, Hörbeiträge usw. machen das Ganze abwechslungsreich.

App Schlösser & Burgen Münsterland