Care4GREEN is a research project within the program “Smart Cities Demo – Boosting Urban Innovation 2020” and is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund. The aim is to improve the quality of urban green spaces by involving committed citizens who want to play an active role in shaping their environment.

In residential complexes, green maintenance by external companies can usually only do the bare minimum for cost reasons. However, many maintenance activities to improve the vitality of the greenery could also be carried out by (trained) laymen. Not only the well-kept greenery benefits from gardening, but also those people who enjoy the activity. Through the participation of residents in the maintenance, it is possible to plan higher-quality plantings and ensure their long-term maintenance.

Care4GREEN thus addresses the field of action Participation & Climate Change Adaptation: High-quality green contributes to the regulation of the water balance and the microclimate. It is thus one of the most important instruments against the development of urban heat islands. At the same time, the social well-being of the residents is to be increased. In this way, community green spaces with social added value are created with the participation of the residents.

Care4Green Learning Plattform

For the first time, Care4GREEN creates an interface between developers, property managers and residents and actively involves private users in the planning process for green design in four test areas. At the same time, an open access online platform is being developed to facilitate permanent organization and exchange with the housing community and to test incentive systems for private care participation.

In april 2023 we launched an online learning platform as a web app for the public.

For more information visit the project website.