Short, simple, factual, condensed, Christian representations and saints are described on the basis of their attributes and symbols. Terms from Christian religion, art and culture are explained. With numerous photographs of representations of saints from Europe and America.

Recognize saints

The function “Recognize saints” helps to read and understand representations of saints in churches, on houses, on bridges, on frescoes and paintings etc.. Targeted queries for attributes and symbols lead to suggestions as to which saint might be depicted.

Wikisancti, the project:

Apsis Foundation, Starnberg, aims to impart knowledge about sacred art and culture: to arouse curiosity, sharpen the eye, understand the meaning, discover the connections. Wikisancti was initially created as a Wikipedia page. In 2019, Fluxguide developed the Wikisancti app on this basis.

„We want to promote awareness, understanding and responsibility for our cultural heritage.“

Annette Skogstad, Apsis Stiftung