Is the populist influence on museums growing? Until 2024, an international research team will use digital innovation to critically examine the influence of populism on museums. fluxguide as a technological partner will develop a museum app and a project website.

A consistent design language: logo, project website, app

  • The project website conveys research focal points and the basic principles (“facets”) of populism
  • The app enables a content-based engagement with the collections of three museums
Design project website

Providing food for thought through UX design

  • Social media aesthetics: full-bleed photos, large-format content
  • Reactions & participation: crowd feedback should be incorporated into the app experience
  • Emotions of the users (towards the content) should play a role
  • For quizzes and gamification: open-ended questions, “soft” results, little “right/wrong”. Grey areas of populism and opinion formation should also be deliberately depicted in the app.
  • Goal: To be able to locate one’s own opinion and feelings in comparison to the “masses”

Find more information on the project website.