We tell the NASA story. We developed and implemented the “KSC SmartGuide” visitor guide and the “Space Chase” learning app for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Multimedia, context-sensitive and in 8 languages. Augmented reality brings space shuttles to life, maps provide orientation. A unique learning mode opens up new ways of teaching school classes.

KSC SmartGuide

  • Multiple sites & exhibits in one system
  • Teaching astronomy, physics & mathematics. The structuring of the content is prepared for an app-friendly mediation, without shortening the content regarding its scientific completeness.
  • Complete audio / multimedia guide (audio, video, text, interactive 360° images & learning tasks.)
  • Augmented reality experience

Space Chase

  • Gamification & Education App for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • Different quiz types
  • Rewards system & diploma