The web-based learning platform „Next Click Nirvana“ conveys the world of Buddhism. Interactive tasks, multimedia information, a glossary and the artwork collection can be explored. Creative design on a mental board is also possible, as is the social media share of personal highlights.

With the web-based application “Next Click Nirvana – What is Buddhism?” the Museum Rietberg offers the opportunity to discover Buddhist art and cultures in digital space. This perfectly complements the on-site visit of the museum’s renowned collection.

The innovative learning platform was awarded the Comenius EduMedia Award in 2021 as an outstanding educational medium in terms of content and design. We are very happy about this!

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2021.
  • Gallery of major works of Buddhist art: artworks from India, China, Japan, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia tell the story of the beginnings of Buddhism in India and its spread to present-day Switzerland.
  • All important terms, topics united in one Buddhism ABC: Selected experts and practicing Buddhists introduce various concepts of Buddhism and explain terms such as nirvana, karma and compassion.
  • The personal learning journey: 8 topics are presented in interactive learning units, with multimedia information and a mix of learning tasks. Learning progress is rewarded.
  • Users collect their personal highlights in pictures, text, audio or video: What inspires, what is important in the personal engagement with Buddhism? Users share their favorites directly from the application to social media.
  • On a mental board, all highlights can be filed, sorted, labeled and the whole Mindmap can be printed afterwards. This application is particularly interesting for use in a school context – teachers receive a special introduction to the platform.

The principle of inclusion is key.

The web application is designed to be as accessible as possible. For example, the application is screen reader compatible, font size and contrast can be adjusted for better readability, and a summary on the topic of Buddhism is provided in easy-to-read language.