100 castles and palaces from the Münsterland region are brought together in an app with information, events and route recommendations. With this new digital guide, visitors can get to know the Münsterland and its historic venues from a new perspective: with exciting AR features, lovingly designed mini-games and hand-picked tips about the castles and palaces.

  • AR avatars & avatar based storytelling
  • Mini games
  • Audio tours
  • Event calendar
  • Interactive map & tours

Special Features

AR avatar An actor is filmed in front of a green screen and can be experienced as an AR avatar via the app. The avatar can, for example, greet visitors, tell a story or point out special features on site.

Time travel via photo slider Users can switch back and forth between the historical and current perspective using a slider. The transition is seamless: the two images merge into one another. Changes over the course of time become visible.

Playful discovery with mini-games (hidden object, memory, puzzle, labyrinth, slot machine). We use gamification elements to encourage intensive engagement with the objects.

Copyright Foto: MEV, Philipp Foelting