We developed the mürzApp for the municipality of Mürzzuschlag, which can be used to explore both the city and its museums. The app is the central access point for the cultural offerings of the Municipality of Mürz: The urban space explorer guides users to selected sights and excursion destinations using GPS. In addition, the app also serves as a practical media guide for the various museums.

  • Explore city & museums
  • Multiple locations in one app (flexibly expandable)
  • Multimedia guiding with numpad and list
  • Guided theme tours (stop-by-stop tours with wayfinding maps)
  • Guided quiz tours (estimation task, troubleshooting picture, drawing patterns,…)
  • In the museum: explore exhibition areas & Escapegame
  • Easy Readability

Mediaguide für mehrere Museen

Special Feature: Escapegame

A special highlight of the app is the Time Traveller Tour, which is based on an Escape Room Game. This means that visitors collect a code by solving various tasks in the app. Only with this code can the tour be successfully completed at the end.

Escape Game mürzApp

New possibilities

  • App users of the museum guides are incentivized to explore the city.
  • App users from the city guide are incentivized to explore cultural, sports and business enterprises.
  • Local businesses, cultural institutions, gastronomy, etc. benefit.
  • Navigation of users on the city map by GPS.
  • Filters allow exploration by category and inclusion of a wide range of businesses.
  • When a POI is opened, the user sees a detail page with multimedia mediation content such as text, photos, videos, audios, links.