The app as a personal companion for all museum locations of the Würth Group.In addition to the multimedia tour, the app offers service information and a special „globe experience“: Go on a virtual trip around the world with Reinhold Würth and learn more about the milestones from the life of the entrepreneur.

  • Audio / multimedia guide
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Information on cultural activities of the Würth Group
  • One app for all museum venues of the Würth Group
  • Interactive globe experience and virtual world tour
  • Delivered on multimedia guides and as mobile apps for worldwide AppStores of Apple & Google

Digital Globe Experience

The app complements and enhances a special exhibit in the museum’s foyer: for his 83rd birthday, art collector and entrepreneur Reinhold Würth received a handmade globe measuring 1. 3 meters in diameter. The impressive globe lists all of Würth’s locations, personal milestones in his life and, moreover, air travels that took the passionate amateur aviator Würth around the world.

Rund um die Welt mit Reinhold Würth