Using apps for research projects

Using digital solutions to gain new insights.

Apps can be used efficiently in R&D, from data acquisition to evaluation and visualization. We are currently working as a technological partner with international research teams on various projects in which we develop individual digital solutions for scientific research requirements.

We would like to share 3 use cases with you:

start2park – crowd-based data collection

In collaboration with RELUT at FH Frankfurt and bliq, we have developed a new data-based survey methodology to support sustainable mobility. With our research app start2park, crowd-based data on parking search behavior can be collected to holistically understand the problem of finding a parking space and ultimately contribute to the solution.


GLARA – making complex data tangible with AR

GLARA makes green planning tangible through virtual reality and augmented reality and opens up new possibilities for digital and analog participation. Complex microclimatic parameters and their physiological impact are processed by GLARA in a simple and understandable way. As a result, the effect of plants and nature in the city can be experienced up close already in the planning process.



InTaVia – Science Communication & Digital Storytelling

Technical and organizational limitations prevent the use of existing cultural and historical data across Europe. InTaVia* aims to overcome these limitations. We are leading the User Requirements Work Package and working on a “Storytelling Suite” for the mediation of museum data collections, biographical archives and cultural data.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a competent partner for your next research project: