How can apps contribute to accessibility?

Apps can be used to make content more inclusive for different target groups. We present three features of our apps as well as some tips from our team to help you make your educational offering even more accessible.

#1 Sign Language Player

For people that are hard of hearing, video content can be integrated into the fluxguide CMS in a user-friendly way, including a dedicated upload for accessible video captioning.


#2 Easy Readability

In our apps, we offer a mode for people with low vision. Users can select the desired text-size using a slider. This setting also affects how other items in the user interface are displayed, adjust it to make them larger or smaller. Additionally, there’s an option to increase the contrast.

App Screens "Leichtere Lesbarkeit" aus der App "Nächster Klick Nirvana"

#3 Screen Reader Optimization

Make your content more accessible for the visually impaired: the smartphone’s VoiceOver/Talkback feature can be used to read app elements aloud. We are happy to provide tips for formulating alt texts and attributes (e.g. lists, dashes, dates, etc.).


Tips from our team for more accessibility:

  • Use onboarding slides or the language selection screen to make users aware of the accessible offerings.
  • For people with learning disabilities and non-native speakers, plain language can be added as a separate app language via the CMS.
  • To support people with low mobility, you can point out short distances and barriers via the app.
  • When designing tours, make sure to always provide information about rest areas.
  • Adjust media files names (graphics, images, logos, etc.) before uploading them to CMS – file names are read aloud when using the screen reader, make sure to give the correct information.
  • Provide a contact address for feedback from visitors.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about accessibility: