Explore new realities: augmented, virtual and mixed reality

Digital mediation is an essential component of innovation-oriented cultural work and makes an important contribution to the expanded museum concept of the future. New spaces and possibilities are emerging.

Here are three of our augmented reality use cases:

Württemberg State Museum – Wayfinding & Navigation using AR

The app of the Württemberg State Museum guides visitors through the Old Palace in Stuttgart as a navigation aid and at the same time offers exciting multimedia content and tours. Navigation within the museum takes place dynamically using 360-degree images and navigation arrows that are superimposed over the screen via augmented reality.



Villa Esche by Henry van der Velde in Chemnitz – AR & Gamification

Art Nouveau meets Augmented Reality in Chemnitz: The Esche Art Nouveau Villa was designed by Belgian architect Henry van der Velde. Today, the building houses a Henry van de Velde Museum as part of the Chemnitz Art Collection. Currently we are working together with the museum team on a museum app with augmented reality and gamification modules. Work in progress – stay tuned!



National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald – AR Ranger

The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park app guides nature lovers through the wilderness and highlights the most important points of contact and special places. Multimedia content informs visitors about flora and fauna, but also about the national park itself. A special feature of the app is the “Augmented Ranger”.


Fluxguide-Paper: Four Ways to Experience Augmented Reality at Museums

At this year’s Belvedere Research Center conference “The Museum in the Digital Age” we presented “A Categorization of Augmented Reality in Museum Practice.” The core of our presentation was our recent Methis Journal article “Four Ways to Experience Augmented Reality at Museums”. Happy reading!

We develop individual solutions for various use cases. For more information on this topic contact us.