Outdoor & Tourism Apps

Personalized travel experiences for tourism regions



Apps can be used for the entire visitor journey, as an individual trip planning tool at home and as an interactive tour guide during the trip. Interest-based recommendations as well as various filtering and personalization options support visitors in their trip planning. Map-based navigation, avatar-based storytelling, augmented reality experiences and mini-games make the on-site visit a unique experience.

In our flagship project for Schloesserland Sachsen, we developed a mobile hub app for over 50 castles and palaces that accompanies over 4 million annual visitors through the tourism region. Upcoming: For Münsterland, we are currently working on one app for a total of 100 castles and palaces.

Explore nature digitally



More and more nature parks are relying on digital experiences. We have already been able to digitally enrich the local nature experience in numerous projects. For the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park we created an augmented reality ranger that accompanies nature lovers on their exploration of the national park.

For the Frankenhöhe Nature Park, we combined classic outdoor guiding with interactive gamification elements. Visitors learn about the special features of the nature park in the audio and quiz tours and collect “nature park friends” in the tours. Those who have collected enough “nature park friends” receive a real badge from the nature park rangers to sew onto their shirts or backpacks.

Expanding urban space digitally



The app Amigra uses public space as a museum and tells the migration and city history of Augsburg through more than 40 different stops (points of interest). Users can access multimedia content (videos, audios, texts, graphics, etc.) on an interactive map and thus get to know the city in a new way.

For the municipality of Hainfeld we have developed the Themenwege Hainfeld App. In the app, modular theme trails can be created for different focal points. The KlimaWaldWeg tour, for example, accompanies users through the municipality’s forest nature trail. In addition to navigation, the app offers mobile e-learning and interactive quizzes

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about apps for outdoor & tourism: office@fluxguide.com