Digital media conception is a central component of successful exhibition projects and museum design. With our workshop formats we support designers of exhibitions, concepts, scenographies and visitor experiences:

  • Innovation workshop
  • Storytelling workshop
  • Workshop with children & school classes

Innovation workshop

Conception & brainstorming for digital visitor experiences

Together, we define how a holistic visitor experience via app can be customized for your institution. Using established methods such as design thinking, world café or open innovation, we support you with innovative ideas and implementation options. The result of the workshop is the development of the overall app structure including specifications and a project plan. Based on the workshop, we then create wireframes and/or a clickable XD prototype.


Storytelling workshop

User-friendly mediation via app

In our storytelling workshops, we focus on wrapping the educational content in exciting stories that can be optimally consumed by users via app. It is important in digital storytelling to know the specific technical possibilities and also the limits of the medium in order to create user-friendly experiences. Through our years of international experience with digital visitor experiences, we can support our clients with expertise and proven methods from the field.

Workshop with children & school classes

Mediation for specific target groups

Especially when mediating for children & young people, it is important to evaluate the wishes and requirements in order to design a user experience that is appropriate for the target group. This can be done as early as the conception phase or at a more advanced stage in the project using targeted user testing to check whether the concept stands up to the target group.


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