Connect multiple venues with digital services

Apps enable us to connect multiple venues in a user-friendly and appealing way. How can this be accomplished?

We want to share three use cases with you:

  • Würth Collection: One company – multiple venues
  • Art Collections & Museums Augsburg: One city – various cultural hotspots
  • MuseumStars: One global plattform – numerous museums around the world

Würth Collection


App-Screens Globe Experience und Reinhold Würth im HIntergrund.

We developed one app for all museum locations of the Würth Group: Künzelsau, Schwäbisch Hall and the Sculpture Garden.

  • Special feature: Interactive globe experience and virtual world tour
  • Delivered on multimedia guides and as mobile app for worldwide AppStores
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Multimedia content and information on cultural activities of the Würth Group: events related to literature, art and music, on collectors and the collection as well as on the Carmen Würth Forum

Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg


App-Screens Kunstsammlungen Augsburg

The hub app “Kunstsammlungen & Museen Aux” was designed to digitally connect the numerous institutions of Augsburg’s cultural landscape.

  • Audio tours: experience the exhibition from different perspectives
  • Historical music tour through the city of Augsburg
  • Guided tours in sign language and plain language
  • Interactive quiz tours for children




Person verwendet Museumstars App auf Smartphone.

MuseumStars is a new way to experience culture. Remote learning challenges from different museums all over the world and onsite guiding united in one platform.

  • 100 museums from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are already participating – and the community is growing.
  • Museums can become part of the platform and publish a remote challenge for free. The on-site guiding solutions are available in a cost-effective subscription model.
  • The app is always free of charge for users and new target groups are addressed through the low-threshold access.
  • Multiplier effect: users discover other museums on the platform.

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