Avatar-based Storytelling Best Practice

Based on 3 use cases, we would like to show you how avatars can be used for digital communication via app to engage with your visitors.

German Oceanographic Museum OZEANEUM Stralsund | Walfred – an intelligent chatbot

Walfred the porpoise is the mascot of the OZEANEUM Stralsund. During their visit, users can chat with Walfreds avatar. Walfred mediates content, offers in-depth knowledge and actively communicates with users, for example in quiz format. Avatar Walfred had his premiere at the museum4punkt0 event “Ask the Avatar!”.


German Mining Museum Bochum – Museum content at home with “Learnbuddies”

The Bochum Mining Museum already uses avatars to guide visitors through the museum. Upcoming: The same avatars will now also be used as “buddies” for remote mediation outside the museum. Users can follow the buddies and get notifications when they share new “stories”. Each buddy has its own topic (e.g. economy, sustainability,…).

The goal is to encourage users to engage with a topic on a recurring basis, even outside the museum.


Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Storytelling from different perspectives

Visitors experience an avatar-guided journey through time to fin de siècle Chemnitz from different narrative perspectives. The architect and the former residents of Villa Esche tell their stories through multimedia content, puzzles and AR experiences in the Virutal van de Velde app.


Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about avatar-based storytelling: office@fluxguide.com