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Horizon Europe

In this research project we are developing a mobile application and digital learning platform for the Bergen-Belsen and Westerbork memorials, among others. The content is based on a data set of diary entries of the former camp prisoners.

We are currently working on a UI/UX concept and experimenting with concepts that will encourage empathy for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Hence our central topic in the design process: Human at center stage. The people and their stories are in the spotlight. It is also about embedding the stories in the historical context and bridging the gap from the past to the present.

What impact does the past have on the present? The subject matter makes the design process and storytelling very exciting for us.

Designentwurf von der Memorise Website


Volkswagen Foundation

Challenging Populist Truth-Making in Europe: The Role of Museums in a Digital ‘Post-Truth’ European Society. As a project partner, we are developing a native app for 3 museums as well as a customized project website, a project within a project so to say.

A consistent design language is important to us, from the project logo to the implementation of the project website and finally the app. The project website can already be explored:



EU Horizon 2020

In the international research project InTaVia we lead the work package “User Requirements” and work on a “Storytelling Suite” that generates exciting stories from biographical and object data.

Most recently, the symposium “There’s History in All Men’s Lives” took place in Ljubljana from September 25-26, an exchange between experts on the topic of “biography as a historical genre” as well as various aspects of Digital Humanities, Cultural Heritage and Visualization.

Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Forschungspartner*innen. Kontaktiert uns gerne unter office@fluxguide.com