There are many effective methods and processes available to UX designers, including Design Thinking, Lean UX and Design Sprints, to name just a few. In B2B reality, however, it is not uncommon to be faced with the challenge of selecting the appropriate tools to meet project requirements. Always with the goal of creating unique user experiences.

David Ando & Paul Sommersguter (project management & UI/UX design at fluxguide) were invited to the Otago MeetUp on the topic “UXpedition: usability experiences” and presented some showcase projects, proven strategies and learnings from practice.

Many thanks to Otago Online Consulting GmbH for the exciting event.

Vortragende beim otago MeetUp
Fotos: Andreas Schwanzer
Vortragende & Publikum beim otago MeetUp
Fotos: Andreas Schwanzer