fluxguide developed a digital art education concept for the Reinhard Ernst Museum, from the didactic preparation to the actual implementation of the room. The result is the so-called creative room, in which visitors can discover abstract art for themselves with 6 different games.

Game “Dance”

At this station, your own body becomes a paintbrush. Up to 4 visitors can create a picture simultaneously by means of dance and body movement. A motion-tracking camera is used to capture the body movement and translate it into an image.

Game “Gesture”

Visitors can create color spots by touching the touchscreen. Full body use: The screen not only reacts to the index finger – it can also be painted with knees and elbows. The intensity of the color stain is directly proportional to the duration of the touch. Based on the color world of an original painting from the exhibition, a new work of art is created.

Game “Painter”

At this station, a portrait photo taken in the exhibition space can be transferred into different painting styles of the exhibition. The range of different painting styles of abstract art thus becomes visible by means of a selfie.

Szenographie, Plan J
Spiel „Porträtmaler*in“

Game “Throwing colors”

This team game refers to the action paintings of the artist Shōzō Shimamoto, which can also be seen at the Museum Reinhard Ernst. Visitors create abstract art by digitally throwing bags of paint onto a canvas, just like the artist.

Game “See colors”

The color theory of Josef Albers can be experienced by young visitors at this station. The goal is to digitally mix colors and get as close as possible to the color code of an original painting from the exhibition.

Spiel "Geste"
Spiel "Farben sehen"

A Museum emerges
In addition to loans from museums and private individuals from all over the world, the Reinhard Ernst Collection with over 800 works of art forms the core of the exhibition. The architecture can also be seen as a newly created work of art: The renowned architect Fumihiko Maki has received several international awards for his cultural buildings and is now creating a center for art lovers in Wiesbaden. Reports on the development and ongoing construction progress of the museum can be found on the museum’s website.

Museum Reinhard Ernst Visualisierung